For poker game and tournament updates text POKER to 844-277-9531

We provide first-class tables, chips, cards and professional dealers for cash games and tournaments.

We don’t take a “rake” – meaning all the money players put into the pot goes 100% back to the players.

Presently days and available seats are limited, and we expect this to grow.

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Tipping dealers is strongly encouraged. They work for you, the players, and their pay comes mostly in tips. As no cash is allowed on the table, you do this through the purchase of “tip chips.” They are $1 each. Most players buy at least 10 to start. Tip chips are refundable and may also be traded for poker chips.



Our typical game: $1-$2 No Limit Texas hold’em. Minimum buy in is $100, maximum is $300 (or 75% of biggest stack, whichever is more).

NEW by popular demand: “Micro Stakes” 25 cent – 50 cent No Limit hold’em. Minimum buy in is $20, maximum $100.

 With enough interested players, we will also play:

 – 5-5 No Limit Hold’em, minimum buy-in $300, maximum $1000

– Omaha

– Dealer Choice

– Higher stakes and other games available with enough players



Stay tuned (on our Facebook page) for announcements of Texas Hold’em tournaments. We plan to host these frequently, once we get a handle on player interest.